Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-19
The ATM Circuits Configuration menu screen appears as follows:
Multiple ATM circuit configuration is suppor ted on multiple ATM-capable gateways. Although some of 
the parameters of the Circuit Configuration screens per tain to Voice and Connection Profiles, it is assumed that 
if the user has been granted PVC configuration access, they are permitted configuration access to all PVC 
Telnet Access
Telnet is a TCP/IP ser vice that allows remote terminals to access hosts on an IP network. Netopia Firmware 
Version 8.6.1 suppor ts Telnet access to its configuration screens. 
You should consider password-protecting or restricting Telnet access to the Router if you suspect there is a 
chance of tampering.
To password-protect the configuration screens, select Easy Setup from the Main Menu, and go to the Easy 
Setup Security Configuration screen. By entering a name and password pair in this screen, all access via Telnet 
and SNMP will be password-protected.
To restrict Telnet access, select Security in the Advanced Configuration menu. The Security Options screen will 
appear. There are two levels of Telnet restriction available:
To restrict Telnet access to the SNMP screens, select Enable Telnet Access to SNMP Screens and toggle 
it to No. (See 
To restrict Telnet access to all of the configuration screens, select Enable Telnet Console Access and 
toggle it to No.
                            ATM Circuits Configuration
                     Display/Change WAN 1 Circuit...
                     Add WAN 1 Circuit...
                     Delete WAN 1 Circuit...
                     Display/Change WAN 2 Circuit...
                     Add WAN 2 Circuit...
                     Delete WAN 2 Circuit...