Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-28  Firmware User Guide
Adding a filter set
You can create up to eight different custom filter sets. Each filter set can contain up to 16 output filters and up 
to 16 input filters. 
To add a new filter set, select Add Filter Set in the Filter Sets screen and press Return. The Add Filter Set 
screen appears. 
Naming a new filter set
All new filter sets have a default name. The first filter set you add will be called Filter Set 1, the next filter will be 
Filter Set 2, and so on.
To give a new filter set a different name, select Filter Set Name and enter a new name for the filter set.
To save the filter set, select ADD FILTER SET. The saved filter set is empty (contains no filters), but you can 
return to it later to add filters (see 
                                Add Filter Set...
         Filter Set Name:                   Filter Set 3
         ADD FILTER SET                     CANCEL