Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-32  Firmware User Guide
Deleting filters
To delete a filter, select Delete Input Filter or Delete Output Filter in the Display/Change Filter Set screen to 
display a table of filters. 
Select the filter from the table and press Return to delete it. Press Escape to exit the table without deleting the 
Moving filters
To reorganize the filters in a filter set, select Move Input Filter or Move Output Filter in the Display/Change 
Filter Set screen to display a table of filters. 
Select a filter from the table and press Return. Then use the up or down arrow key to change the filter’s order in 
the filter set. Press Return to accept the new filter location.
Deleting a filter set
If you delete a filter set, all of the filters it contains are deleted as well. To reuse any of these filters in 
another set, before deleting the current filter set you’ll have to note their configuration and then recreate them.
To delete a filter set, select Delete Filter Set in the Filter Sets screen to display a list of filter sets.
Select a filter set from the list and press Return. Select CONTINUE and press Return to delete it.
A sample filter set
This section contains the settings for a filter set called Basic Firewall, which is par t of Netopia Firmware Version 
8.6.1’s factor y configuration.
                                      Change Filter
                      Enabled:                    No
                      Forward:                    No
                      Source IP Address:
                      Source IP Address Mask:
                      Dest. IP Address: 
                      Dest. IP Address Mask:
                      Protocol Type:              0
                      Source Port Compare...      No Compare
                      Source Port ID:             0
                      Dest. Port Compare...       No Compare
                      Dest. Port ID:              0
Enter the IP specific information for this filter.