Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-35
FTP sessions. To allow WAN-originated FTP sessions to a LAN-based FTP ser ver with the IP address a.b.c.d 
(corresponding to a numbered IP address such as, inser t the following input filter ahead of the 
current input filter 1:
Enabled: Yes
For ward: Yes
Source IP Address:
Source IP Address Mask:
Dest. IP Address: a.b.c.d
Dest. IP Address Mask:
Protocol Type: TCP
Source Por t Comparison: No Compare
Source Por t ID: 0
Dest. Por t Comparison: Equal
Dest. Por t ID: 21
A similar filter could be used to permit Telnet or WWW access. Set the Dest. Por t ID to 23 for Telnet or 
to 80 for WWW.
Deleting a filter set does not delete the filters in that set. However, the filters in the deleted set are no longer in 
effect (unless they are par t of another set). The deleted set will no longer appear in the answer profile or any 
connection profiles to which it was added.
Policy-based Routing using Filtersets
Previous firmware versions routed IP packets only by destination IP address. Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 
now offers the ability to route IP packets using criteria other than the destination IP address. This is called 
policy-based routing. You are now able to route IP traffic based on the following:
source IP address
source and/or destination protocol field
source and/or destination por t numbers
TOS field
You specify the routing criteria and routing information by using IP filtersets to determine the for warding action 
of a par ticular filter.
In previous firmware versions, a filter would either pass or block the specified traffic. Netopia Firmware Version 
8.6.1 adds a third option, force routing. You specify a gateway IP address, and each packet matching the filter 
is routed according to that gateway address, rather than by means of the global routing table.
In addition, the TOS field has been added to the classifier list in a filter. This allows you to filter on TOS field 
settings in the IP packet, if you desire.