Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-36  Firmware User Guide
The new filterset screen appears as follows:
To use the policy-based routing feature, you create a filter that for wards the traffic.
Toggle Forward to Yes. This will display the Force Routing options.
The Call Placement/Idle Reset setting is used to determine if a packet which matches the filter will cause 
an “instant-on” link to connect, if it is down; or reset its idle timer, if it is already up.
If you select No Change from the Call Placement/Idle Reset pull-down-menu, a match on this rule will 
keep the WAN connection alive by resetting the idle-timeout status.
If you select Disabled, a match on this rule will not reset the idle-timeout status.
For example, if you wanted ping traffic not to keep the link up, you would create a filter which for wards a 
ping, but with the Call Placement/Idle Reset set to Disabled.
Toggle Force Routing to Yes.
Enter the Gateway IP Address in standard dotted-quad notation to which the traffic should be for warded.
You can enter Source and Destination IP Address(es) and Mask(s), Protocol Type, and Source and 
Destination Port ID(s) for the filter, if desired.
TOS field matching
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 suppor ts two additional parameters in an IP filter: TOS and TOS Mask. Both 
fields accept values in the range 0 – 255.
Cer tain types of IP packets, such as voice or multimedia packets, are sensitive to latency introduced by the 
network. A delay-sensitive packet is one that has the low-latency bit set in the TOS field of the IP header. This 
means that if such packets are not received rapidly, the quality of ser vice degrades. If you expect to route 
significant amounts of such traffic you can configure your router to route this type of traffic to a gateway other 
than your normal gateway using this feature. 
The TOS field matching check is consistent with source and destination address matching.
                            Change Input Filter 1
         Enabled:                           Yes
         Forward:                           Yes
         Call Placement/Idle Reset:         No Change
         Force Routing:                     Yes
         Gateway IP Address:      
         Source IP Address:       
         Source IP Address Mask:  
         Dest. IP Address:        
         Dest. IP Address Mask:   
         TOS:                               0
         TOS Mask:                          0
         Protocol Type:                     UDP
         Source Port Compare...             Equal
         Source Port ID:                    137
         Dest. Port Compare...              No Compare
         Dest. Port ID:                     0
Return/Enter to set comparison of packet Port ID and Filter Port ID.
Enter the packet specific information for this filter.