Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-37
Example:  You want packets with the TOS low latency bit to go through VC 2 (via gateway instead of 
your normal gateway. You would set up the filter as follows:
Default Forwarding Filter
If you create one or more filters that have a matching action of for ward, then action on a packet matching none 
of the filters is to block any traffic.
Therefore, if the behavior you want is to force the routing of a cer tain type of packet and pass all others through 
the normal routing mechanism, you must configure one filter to match the first type of packet and apply Force 
Routing. A subsequent filter is required to match and for ward all other packets.
Management IP traffic
If the Force Routing filter is applied to source IP addresses, it may inadver tently block communication with the 
router itself. You can avoid this by preceding the Force Routing filter with a filter that matches the destination IP 
address of the router itself.
                               Add Input Filter
         Enabled:                           Yes
         Forward:                           Yes
         Call Placement/Idle Reset:         No Change
         Force Routing:                     Yes
         Gateway IP Address:      
         Source IP Address:       
         Source IP Address Mask:  
         Dest. IP Address:        
         Dest. IP Address Mask:   
         TOS:                               16
         TOS Mask:                          16
         Protocol Type:                     ANY
         ADD THIS FILTER NOW                CANCEL
Return/Enter to add this Filter to the Filter Set.
Enter the packet specific information for this filter.