Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-47
A warning screen will ask you to confirm your choice.
Factory Default to a saved configuration
If you need to Factor y Default the Router, it may be useful to be able to return to a previously saved 
configuration, rather than to completely reconfigure all your settings. To do this, you designate one of your 
saved configurations as the Factor y Default configuration.
From the 
Factory Default from Configuration
 pop-up menu, select the configuration you want to designate as 
the Factor y Default.
                           Configuration Management
                                            +-Configuration Name---Type---+
         Save Current Configuration as...   +-----------------------------+
         Replace Existing Configuration...  | HappyInternet        Binary |
         Boot from a Configuration...       | Config1              Binary |
         Delete a Configuration...          | LesMizz              Binary |
         Factory Default from Configuration:          <none>
         Remove Factory Default Configuration
                           Configuration Management
         Save Current Conf+-----------------------------------+
         Replace Existing | LesMizz              Binary       |
         Boot from a Confi| HappyInternet        Binary       |
         Delete a Configur| Config1              Binary       |
                          |                                   |
                          |                                   |
                          |                                   |
                          |                                   |
         Factory Default f|                                   |
         Remove Factory De+-----------------------------------+
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