Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-48  Firmware User Guide
Once you make the selection, if you factor y Default the Router, it will reboot with the saved configuration you 
have selected.
To remove the saved configuration from being the Factor y Default, select 
Remove Factory Default 
 and press Return. This will remove the configuration from being used as the Factor y Default.
It does not, however, delete the configuration, so you can still re-use it at any time.
You can also send or receive your stored configuration files via TFTP. You select the stored configuration files 
from pop-up menus in the TFTP File Transfer screen in the Utilities & Diagnostics menu, as shown.
                           Configuration Management
         Save Current Configuration as...
         Replace Existing Configuration...
         Boot from a Configuration...
         Delete a Configuration...
         Factory Default from Configuration:          HappyInternet
         Remove Factory Default Configuration
Return/Enter to select Factory Default Configuration.
                     Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
         TFTP Server Name:
         Firmware File Name:
         Config File Name:                  +-----------------------+
         Get Configuration Destination...   | Current Configuration |
         GET CONFIG FROM SERVER...          | Backup Config         |
                                            | HappyInternet         |
         Send Configuration...              | <Empty> Type Name     |
         SEND CONFIG TO SERVER...           +-----------------------+
         TFTP Transfer State -- Idle
         TFTP Current Transfer Bytes -- 0
Up/Down Arrow Keys to select, ESC to dismiss, Return/Enter to Edit.