Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

11-4  Firmware User Guide
Packets Lost:  The number of packets unaccounted for, shown in total and as a percentage of total packets 
sent. This statistic may be updated during the Ping test, and may not be accurate until after the test is over. 
However, if an escalating one-to-one correspondence is seen between Packets Out and Packets Lost, and 
Packets In is noticeably lagging behind Packets Out, the destination is probably unreachable. In this case, use 
Round Trip Time (Min/Max/Avg):  Statistics showing the minimum, maximum, and average number of 
seconds elapsing between the time each Ping packet was sent and the time its corresponding return Ping 
packet was received.
The time-to-live (TTL) value for each Ping packet sent by the Router is 255, the maximum allowed. The TTL value 
defines the number of IP gateways that the packet can traverse. Ping packets that reach their TTL value are 
dropped, and a “destination unreachable” notification is returned to the sender (see the table on the previous 
page). This ensures that no infinite routing loops occur. The TTL value can be set and retrieved using the SNMP 
MIB-II ip group’s ipDefaultTTL object.
Trace Route
You can count the number of gateways between your Netopia Router and a given destination with the Trace 
Route utility.
In the Statistics & Diagnostics screen, select Trace Route and press Return. The Trace Route screen appears.
To trace a route, follow these steps:
Select Host Name or IP Address and enter the name or address of the destination you want to trace.
Select Maximum Hops to set the maximum number of gateways to count between the Netopia Router and 
the destination gateway, up to the maximum of 64. The default is 30 hops.
Select Timeout (seconds) to set when the trace will timeout for each hop, up to 10 seconds. The default is 
3 seconds.
                                   Trace Route
         Host Name or IP Address:
         Maximum Hops:                      30
         Timeout (seconds):                 5
         Use Reverse DNS:                   Yes
                               START TRACE ROUTE
Enter the IP Address/Domain Name of a host.
Trace route to a network host.