Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Utilities and Diagnostics   11-5
Select Use Reverse DNS to learn the names of the gateways between the Netopia Router and the 
destination gateway. The default is Yes.
Select START TRACE ROUTE and press Return. A scrolling screen will appear that lists the destination, 
number of hops, IP addresses of each hop, and DNS names, if selected.
Cancel the trace by pressing Escape. Return to the Trace Route screen by pressing Escape twice.
Telnet Client
The Telnet client mode replaces the normal menu mode. Telnet sessions can be cascaded, that is, you can 
initiate a Telnet client session when using a Telnet console session. To activate the Telnet client, select Telnet 
from the Utilities & Diagnostics menu.
The Telnet client screen appears.
Enter the host name or the IP address in dotted decimal format of the machine you want to Telnet into and 
press Return. 
Either accept the default control character “Q” used to suspend the Telnet session, or type a different one.
START A TELNET SESSION becomes highlighted. 
Press Return and the Telnet session will be initiated. 
To suspend the session, press Control-Q or whatever other control character you specified.
To go back to your Telnet session, select Resume Suspended Session. Select a session from the pop-up 
menu and press Return.
To end a suspended session, select Terminate Suspended Session. Select a session from the pop-up 
menu and press Return.
         Host Name or IP Address:
         Control Character to Suspend:      Q
                            START A TELNET SESSION
         Resume Suspended Session...
         Terminate Suspended Session...