Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

WAN Configuration   2-15
Advanced Connection Options
Depending on your model, the Advanced Connection Options screen offers a variety of power ful options for 
advanced users. Screens shown in this section may var y from what your par ticular model displays.
Configuration Changes Reset WAN Connection
The menu suppor ts delaying some configuration changes until after the Netopia Router is restar ted.
If your Netopia Router is preconfigured by your ser vice provider, or if you are not remotely configuring the router, 
you can leave this setting unchanged.
The purpose of this feature is to defer configuration changes only when remotely configuring or reconfiguring the 
Netopia Router to prevent premature Telnet disconnection. When this feature is enabled, no changes to the 
WAN setup, datalink encapsulation, Connection Profiles, or Default Gateway will take effect until after the 
Netopia Router is restar ted. Until the Netopia Router is restar ted the WAN link and the routing table remain 
A single setting in the Advanced Connection Options screen controls this feature, as shown below.
                          Advanced Connection Options
                     Configuration Changes Reset WAN Connection:     Yes
                     Scheduled Connections...
                     Backup Configuration...
                     Prioritize Delay-Sensitive Data: No
                     Diffserv Options...
                     VRRP Options...
Return/Enter to configure SA Backup Parameters.