Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

A-2  Firmware User Guide
If you are attempting to modify the IP address or subnet mask from a previous, successful 
configuration attempt, you will need to clear the IP address or reset your Router to the factor y default before 
reinitiating the configuration process. For fur ther information on resetting your Router to factor y default, see 
Network problems
Problems communicating with remote IP hosts
Verify the accuracy of the default gateway’s IP address (entered in the IP Setup or Easy Setup screen).
Use the Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1’s Ping utility, in the Utilities & Diagnostics screen, and tr y to Ping 
local and remote hosts. See 
 for instructions on how to use the Ping utility. If you can 
successfully Ping hosts using their IP addresses but not their domain names ( but not, for example), verify that the DNS ser ver’s IP address is correct and that it is reachable 
from the Router (use Ping).
If you are using filters, check that your filter sets are not blocking the type of connections you are tr ying to 
Local routing problems
Obser ve the Ethernet LEDs to see if data traffic flow appears to be normal.
Check the WAN statistics and LAN statistics screens to see more specific information on data traffic flow 
and address ser ving. See 
 for more information.