Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

A-4  Firmware User Guide
Before contacting Netopia
Look in this guide for a solution to your problem. You may find a solution in this troubleshooting appendix or in 
other sections. Check the index for a reference to the topic of concern. If you cannot find a solution, complete 
the environment profile below before contacting Netopia Technical Suppor t.
Environment profile
Locate the Router’s model number, product serial number, and firmware version. The serial number is on 
the bottom of the gateway, along with the model number. The firmware version appears in the Netopia 
Netopia Router’s Main Menu screen.
Model number:
Serial number:
Firmware version:
What kind of local network(s) do you have, with how many devices?
How to reach us
We can help you with your problem more effectively if you have completed the environment profile in the 
previous section. If you contact us by telephone, please be ready to supply Netopia Technical Suppor t with the 
information you used to configure the Router. Also, please be at the site of the problem and prepared to 
reproduce it and to tr y some troubleshooting steps.
When you are prepared, contact Netopia Technical Suppor t by e-mail, telephone, fax, or post:
Internet: (for technical suppor t) (for general information)
Phone: 1 510-597-5400
Fax: 1 510-420-7601
Netopia, Inc.
Customer Ser vices
6001 Shellmound Street
Emer yville, California 94608
Online product information
Product information can be found in the following:
Netopia World Wide Web ser ver via
Internet via anonymous FTP to