Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

2-18  Firmware User Guide
The time of day that the connection will Begin At
The duration of the connection (HH:MM)
Whether it’s a recurring Weekly connection or used Once Only
Which connection profile (Conn. Prof.) is used to connect
Whether the scheduled connection is currently Enabled
The Router checks the date and time set in scheduled connections against the system date and time.
Adding a scheduled connection
To add a new scheduled connection, select Add Scheduled Connection in the Scheduled Connections screen 
and press Return. The Add Scheduled Connection screen appears.
Follow these steps to configure the new scheduled connection:
To activate the connection, select Scheduled Connection Enable and toggle it to On. You can make the 
scheduled connection inactive by toggling Scheduled Connection Enable to Off.
Decide how often the connection should take place by selecting How Often and choosing Weekly or Once 
Only from the pop-up menu.
The Schedule Type allows you to set the exact weekly schedule or once-only schedule. 
Options are:
Forced Up, meaning that this connection will be maintained whether or not there is a demand call on 
the line.
Forced Down, meaning that this connection will be torn down or blocked whether or not there is a 
demand call on the line.
Demand-Allowed, meaning that this schedule will permit a demand call on the line.
                           Add Scheduled Connection
         Scheduled Connection Enable:                 On
         How Often...                                 Weekly
         Schedule Type...                             Forced Up
         Set Weekly Schedule...
         Use Connection Profile...
         ADD SCHEDULED CONNECTION                     CANCEL
Scheduled Connections dial remote Networks on a Weekly or Once-Only basis.