Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

WAN Configuration   2-23
The Diffser v options are displayed.
Enter a value from 60 to 100 (percent) in the Lo/Hi Ratio field.
Differentiated Ser vices uses the low-to-high priority queue ratio to regulate traffic flow. For example, to 
provide the least possible latency and highest possible throughput for high priority traffic, you could set the 
ratio to 100(%). This would cause the Router to for ward low priority data only after the high priority queue is 
completely empty. In practice, you should set it to something less than 100%, since the low priority traffic 
might have to wait too long to be passed, and consequently be subject to time-outs.
You can then define custom Rules. If your applications do not provide Quality of Ser vice (QoS) control, rules 
allow you to define streams for some protocols, por t ranges, and between specific end point addresses.
To define a Rule, select Add Rules and press Return.
(Once you have added one or more rules, you can edit any of them by returning to this screen and selecting 
Show/Change Rules.)
                               Diffserv Options
         Diffserv Enabled:                  Yes
         Lo/Hi Ratio:                       0
         Show/Change Rules...
         Add Rules...
Return accepts * ESC cancels * Left/Right moves insertion point * Del deletes.