Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

2-24  Firmware User Guide
The Diffser v Rule screen appears.
Name – Enter a name in this field to label the rule.
Protocol – Select the protocol from the pop-up menu: TCP (default), UDP, ICMP, or Other. “Other” is 
appropriate for setting up rules on protocols with non-standard por t definitions. IPSEC and PPTP are 
common examples.
Priority – This is the Quality of Ser vice setting for the rule, based on the TOS bit information. Select 
assure, expedite, or off (default) from the pop-up menu. The following table outlines the TOS bit settings 
and behavior:
Numerical Protocol – If you select “Other” protocol, this field appears for you to provide its actual protocol 
number, with a range of 0 – 255.
Direction – Choose outbound (default), inbound, or both from the pop-up menu.
Start Port – For TCP or UDP protocols, you can optionally specify a range of por ts. Enter the star ting por t 
End Port – Enter the ending por t here.
QoS Setting
TOS Bit Value
This custom rule is disabled. You can activate it by selecting one of 
the two settings below. This setting allows you to pre-define flows 
without actually activating them.
Use normal queuing and throughput rules, but do not drop packets 
if possible. Appropriate for applications with no guaranteed deliver y 
Use minimum delay. Appropriate for VoIP and video applications.
                                Diffserv Rule
         Protocol...                        TCP
         Priority...                        off
         Direction...                       outbound
         Start Port:                        0
         End Port:                          0
         Inside Ip Address:       
         Outside Ip Address:      
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
Return accepts * ESC cancels * Left/Right moves insertion point * Del deletes.