Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

WAN Configuration   2-25
Inside IP Address – For outbound flows, specify an IP address on your LAN. For inbound flows, this setting 
is ignored.
Outside IP Address – If you want traffic destined for and originating from a cer tain WAN IP address to be 
controlled, enter the IP address here. If you leave the default all-zeroes, the outside address check is 
For outbound flows, the outside address is the destination IP address for traffic; for inbound packets, the 
outside address is the source IP address.
When you are finished, select COMMIT and press Return. You will be returned to the Diffser v Options screen 
and your settings will take effect.
Priority Queuing (TOS bit)
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 offers the ability to prioritize delay-sensitive data over the WAN link on DSL 
Cer tain types of IP packets, such as voice or multimedia packets, are sensitive to latency introduced by the 
network. This means that if such packets are not received rapidly, the quality of ser vice degrades. If you expect 
to route significant amounts of such traffic you can configure your router to prioritize this type of traffic using the 
priority queuing feature.
To configure your router to prioritize delay-sensitive data, navigate to the Advanced Connection Options screen 
in the console menu.
The Advanced Connection Options screen appears.
Advanced Connection