Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-5
Max. TCP Sequence Number Difference: Enter a value in this field. This value represents the maximum 
sequence number difference allowed between subsequent TCP packets. If this number is exceeded, the 
packet is dropped. The acceptable range is 0 – 65535. A value of 0 (zero) disables this check.
Enable default mapping to router: This is disabled by default. Toggling this option to Yes will allow the 
router to respond to traffic received on this inter face, for example, ICMP Echo requests.
If Stateful Inspection is enabled on a base connection profile (for example, for PPP, RFC1483 
bridged/routed, or PPPoE), Enable default mapping to router must be yes to allow inbound VPN terminations. 
(for example. for PPTP/ATMP client access to the router)
Deny Fragmented Packets: Toggling this option to Yes causes the router to discard fragmented packets on 
this inter face. 
You can apply these parameters to your Exposed Address lists by selecting your Exposed Address List 
from the pop-up menu,
                            Stateful Inspection Parameters
         Max. TCP Sequence Number Difference:    0
         Enable default mapping to router:       No
         Deny Fragmented Packets:                No
         Exposed Address List...
Enter max. allowed TCP sequence number difference (1 - 65535), 0 to disable.