Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-10  Firmware User Guide
The Add VLAN selection appears.
Select Add VLAN and press Return.
The Add VLAN screen appears.
You can create up to 8 VLANs, and you can also restrict any VLAN, and the computers on it, from administering 
the Router.
VLAN ID – This must be a unique identifying number between 1 and 4094.
VLAN Type – Beginning with Firmware Version 8.6.1, LAN or WAN Por t(s) can be enabled on the VLAN. See 
 for more information. You can choose a type designation as follows:
                                 VLAN Configuration
         VLAN Enable:                       On
         Add VLAN...
                     Authentication Server Configuration...
Return/Enter to select <among/between> ...
Set Up VLAN from this and the following Menus.
                                 Add VLAN...
         VLAN ID (1-4094):                  0
         VLAN Type...                       port-based
         VLAN Name:
         VLAN Network:                      <None>
         802.1x:                            No
         Once a VLAN has been successfully added, configure ports using the
         "Add Port Interface" option of the "Display/Change VLAN" menu.
         ADD VLAN                           CANCEL
Return accepts * ESC cancels * Left/Right moves insertion point * Del deletes.
Configure a new VLAN and its associated ports.