Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-12  Firmware User Guide
If you enable 802.1x for a VLAN that includes a wireless SSID, you must access the Wireless LAN 
Configuration menu and set Enable Privacy to WPA-802.1x as well. See 
. If multiple SSIDs are split across several VLANs, the VLANs must either:
• all have 802.1x enabled with WPA-802.1x enabled in Wireless Privacy, or 
• have the VLANs set to 802.1x disabled and Wireless Privacy set to some other privacy setting. 
In that case Wireless Privacy can be any setting. Wireless does not currently suppor t separate 
privacy modes per SSID.
When enabling WPA-802.1x, wireless will default to the RADIUS configuration specified in 
Advanced Security Options (see 
a VLAN. If it is par t of a VLAN it will use the VLAN authentication profile's specified RADIUS 
ser ver.
Select Add RADIUS Profile and press Return.
                                 Add VLAN...
         VLAN ID (1-4094):                  10
         VLAN Type...                       global
         VLAN Name:                         Network A
         VLAN Network:                      Primary LAN
                                          +----------Profile Name-----------+
         802.1x:                          +---------------------------------+
         Authentication Profile...        | <Add RADIUS Profile>            |
                                          |                                 |
         Once a VLAN has been successfully|                                 |
         "Add Port Interface" option of th|                                 |
         ADD VLAN                           CANCEL