Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-14  Firmware User Guide
Adding Port interfaces
Once you have created a VLAN entr y you must associate it with a por t inter face. This inter face may be either a 
physical por t, such as USB or Ethernet, or a Network ID (SSID) of a wireless LAN. If you have a Netopia Router 
model that offers Netopia’s VGx technology, you can also associate a VLAN with each of the physical Ethernet 
managed switch por ts.
When setting up a VLAN, typically you will add one or more physical por ts, such as an Ethernet por t or a 
wireless SSID, and make the por ts routable by specifying Primary LAN as the VLAN Network. To make a set of 
VLANs non-routable, the Primary LAN por t must be included in at least one VLAN and must be excluded from 
any VLANs that are non-routable.
Note: Beginning with Firmware Version 8.5, you can associate two VLANs, one of which is 802.1x 
authenticated and the other is not, with the same por t. This allows you to have authenticated access for 
PCs on the wired-or wireless LAN to non-authenticated devices such as print ser vers.
Return to the VLAN Configuration screen, select Display/Change VLAN, and from the pop-up menu, select the 
VLAN ID to be modified.
The Display/Change VLAN screen appears.
                                 VLAN Configuration
         VLAN Enable:                     +----------VLAN ID: NAME----------+
         Display/Change VLAN...           | 10: Network A                   |
         Add VLAN...                      |                                 |
         Delete VLAN...                   |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                     Authentication Server|                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
Up/Down Arrow Keys to select, ESC to dismiss, Return/Enter to Edit.