Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-16  Firmware User Guide
TOS-Priority – Use any 802.1p priority bits in the VLAN header to prioritize packets within the Gateway’s 
internal queues, according to DiffSer v priority mapping rules. See 
more information.
IPTOS-Promote – Write any 802.1p priority bits into the IP-TOS header bit field for received IP packets on 
this por t destined for this VLAN. Write any IP-TOS priority bits into the 802.1p priority bit field for tagged IP 
packets transmitted from this por t for this VLAN. All mappings between Ethernet 802.1p and IP-TOS are 
made according to a pre-defined QoS mapping policy. See 
Select COMMIT and press Return. Your VLAN settings will be associated with the por t you have selected.
VLAN changes require a reboot to take effect. See 
Changing or Deleting a VLAN
You can change or delete a VLAN by returning to the VLAN Configuration screen and selecting Display/Change 
VLAN or Delete VLAN. In either case, select the VLAN that you want to change or delete from the pop-up menu, 
and press Return.
                                 VLAN Configuration
         VLAN Enable:                     +----------VLAN ID: NAME----------+
         Display/Change VLAN...           | 10: Network A                   |
         Add VLAN...                      |                                 |
         Delete VLAN...                   |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                     Authentication Server|                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
                                          |                                 |
Up/Down Arrow Keys to select, ESC to dismiss, Return/Enter to Edit.