Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-17
Changing or Deleting an Authentication Server Configuration
You can change or delete a RADIUS or TACACS ser ver profile by returning to the VLAN Configuration screen and 
selecting Authentication Server Configuration, then Display/Change Server Profile or Delete Server Profile. In 
either case, select the Ser ver Profile that you want to change or delete from the pop-up menu, and press 
If you are deleting a profile, you will be challenged to be sure that you want to delete the profile that you have 
If you select CONTINUE, the profile will be deleted.
                     Authentication Server Configuration
                                          +----------Profile Name-----------+
                     Display/Change Server| ATE1 V1                         |
                     Add Server Profile...|                                 |
                     Delete Server Profile|                                 |
                                          |                                 |
Up/Down Arrow Keys to select, ESC to dismiss, Return/Enter to Edit.
                     Authentication Server Configuration
                     Display/Change Server+----------Profile Name-----------+
          +--------------------------------------------------------+        |
          | Are you sure you want to delete this server profile?   |        |
          |                                                        |        |
          |       CANCEL                         CONTINUE          |        |
          |                                                        |--------+
          |                                                        |