Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-20  Firmware User Guide
Date and time
You can set the system’s date and time parameters in the Set Date and Time screen. Date and Time 
parameters govern the repor ting of system events. These events are recorded in the system logs.
Select Date and Time in the System Configuration screen and press Return. The Set Date and Time screen 
By default, Network Time Protocol (NTP) is enabled, allowing your Router to obtain Date and Time information 
periodically over the Internet. You do not have to reset the system clock manually.
However, manual control is available if you desire it.
Follow these steps to adjust the system’s date and time parameters manually:
Toggle NTP (Network Time Prot.) Enabled to On to synchronize the Router’s time and date with a network 
ser ver. Toggle this field to Off to manually set the time and date; the options in this screen will change to 
allow you to manually enter the time and date parameters. Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 updates 
timestamps repor ted in the system logs with new timestamps as these are updated via NTP. See 
If time and date are manually set, that information will be lost upon reboot or loss of power.
Enter the IP address of the time ser ver in the field Time Server 1 Host Name/IP Address and, 
alternatively, Time Server 2 Host Name/IP Address, if you prefer to use ser ver(s) different from the 
Select the Router’s time zone from the Time Zone pop-up menu and press Return.
In the NTP Update Interval field, enter how often to synchronize with the time ser ver, using the format 
HHHH:MM where H is hours and M is minutes.
Select a System Date Format; the options are MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY, and YY/MM/DD, where M is 
month, D is day, and Y is year.
                               Set Date and Time
         NTP (Network Time Prot.) Enabled:  On
         Time Server 1 Host Name/IP Address
         Time Server 2 Host Name/IP Address
         Time Zone...                       GMT -8:00 Pacific Standard Time
         NTP Update Interval (HHHH:MM)      1:00
         System Date Format:                MM/DD/YY
         System Time Format:                AM/PM