Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-21
Select a System Time Format, either AM/PM or 24hrs.
Press Escape to return to the System Configuration menu.
NTP can be blocked by some firewall configurations. To ensure that this feature works, create a filterset 
rule to allow UDP por t 123 to be open.
Wireless configuration
If your Router is a wireless model (such as a 3347NWG) you can enable or disable the wireless LAN by 
selecting Wireless Configuration. The Wireless LAN Configuration screen appears.
Enable Wireless is set to Yes by default. When Enable Wireless is disabled (No), the Gateway will not provide or 
broadcast any wireless LAN ser vices. If you toggle Enable Wireless to No or Yes, you must restar t the Gateway 
for the change to take effect. See 
SSID (Wireless ID): The SSID is preset to a number that is unique to your unit. You can either leave it as is, 
or change it by entering a freeform name of up to 32 characters, for example “Ed’s Wireless LAN”. On 
client PCs’ software, this might also be called the Network Name. The SSID is used to identify this 
par ticular wireless LAN. Depending on their operating system or client wireless card, users must either:
select from a list of available wireless LANs that appear in a scanned list on their client
or, if you are in Closed System Mode (see “Closed System” on 
), enter this name on their cli-
ents in order to join this wireless LAN. 
You can then configure:
Block Wireless Bridging
: Toggle this setting to Yes to block wireless clients from communicating with other 
wireless clients on the LAN side of the Gateway.
                         Wireless LAN Configuration
         Enable Wireless:                   Yes
         SSID:                              0271 1000
         Block Wireless Bridging:           No
         Channel...                         6
         AutoChannel...                     Off
         Closed System...                   Open
         Enable Privacy...                  Off
         Wireless Multiple SSID Setup...
         MAC Address Authentication...
Return/Enter accepts * Tab toggles * ESC cancels.