Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-25
WPA Version: If you select either 
WPA-802.1x or WPA-PSK as your privacy setting, the WPA Version 
pop-up menu allows you to select the WPA version(s) that will be required for client connections. Choices 
All, for maximum interoperability,
WPA Version 1, for backward compatibility,
WPA Version 2, for maximum security.
All clients must suppor t the version(s) selected in order to successfully connect.
WEP: Alternatively, you can provide a level of data security by enabling WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) for 
encr yption of network data. You can enable 40-, 128-, or 256-bit WEP Encr yption (depending on the 
capability of your client wireless card) for IP traffic on your LAN.
                         Wireless LAN Configuration
         Enable Wireless:                   Yes
         SSID:                              7101 3245
         Block Wireless Bridging:           No
         Channel...                       +---------------------------+
         AutoChannel...                   +---------------------------+
         Closed System...                 | All                       |
         Enable Privacy...                | WPA Version 1             |
         WPA Version...                   | WPA Version 2             |
         Pre Shared Key:                  +---------------------------+
         Wireless Multiple SSID Setup...
         MAC Address Authentication...