Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-26  Firmware User Guide
You select a single key for encr yption of outbound traffic. The WEP-enabled client must have an identical 
key of the same length, in the identical slot (1 – 4) as the Gateway, in order to successfully receive and 
decr ypt the traffic. Similarly, the client also has a ‘default’ key that it uses to encr ypt its transmissions. In 
order for the Gateway to receive the client’s data, it must likewise have the identical key of the same 
length, in the same slot. For simplicity, a Gateway and its clients need only enter, share, and use the first 
The pop-up menu for enabling WEP offers these settings: On - Automatic or On - Manual.
On - Automatic uses a passphrase to generate encr yption keys for you. You enter a passphrase that 
you choose in the Passphrase field. The passphrase can be any string of words or numbers.
While clients may also have a passphrase feature, these are vendor-specific and may not necessarily 
create the same keys. You can passphrase generate a set of keys on one, and manually enter them on the 
other to get around this.
Select the Default Key (#1 – #4). The longer the key, the stronger the encr yption and the more difficult it is 
to break the encr yption.
On - Manual allows you to enter your own encr yption keys manually. This is a difficult process, but only 
                         Wireless LAN Configuration
         Enable Wireless:                   Yes
         SSID:                              0271 1000
         Block Wireless Bridging:           No
         Channel...                         6
         AutoChannel...                     Off
         Closed System...                   Open
         Enable Privacy...                  WEP - Automatic
         Default Key...                     1
         Passphrase:   Well I stand up next to a mountain,
     Key 1  (40b): 5ad06701b4
     Key 2  (40b): 80a6ab7474
     Key 3  (40b): 9ea5a25101
     Key 4  (40b): 1d8979e024
         Wireless Multiple SSID Setup...
         MAC Address Authentication...