Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-27
needs to be done once. Avoid the temptation to enter all the same characters. 
Default Key (#1 – #4): Specifies which key the Router will use to encr ypt transmitted traffic. The default is 
key #1.
Key (#1 – #4): The encr yption keys. You enter keys using hexadecimal digits. For 40/64bit encr yption, you 
need ten digits; 26 digits for 128bit, and 58 digits for 256bit WEP. Hexadecimal characters are 0 – 9, and 
a – f. The longer the key, the stronger the encr yption and the more difficult it is to break the encr yption.
40bit: 02468ACE02
128bit: 0123456789ABCDEF0123456789
Multiple SSIDs
Wireless Multiple SSID Setup: This feature allows you to add additional network identifiers (SSIDs or 
Network Names) for your wireless network. 
To enable it, select Wireless Multiple SSID Setup and press Return.
The Multiple SSID Configuration screen appears.
                         Wireless LAN Configuration
         Enable Wireless:                   Yes
         SSID:                              4405 2605
         Channel...                         6
         Closed System...                   Open
         Enable WEP...                      On - Manual
         Default Key...                     1
     Key |  40 bit|9a82ff3d92
     Key | 128 bit|2f5d42db7b734ff4e17b65881e
     Key | 256 bit|db298860b6f380e6daec7dbfd4
     Key +--------+c8e5281016
(Setting one of the key sizes)