Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-30  Firmware User Guide
MAC Address Authentication
Enhanced in Firmware Version 8.5, MAC Address Authentication allows you to specify which client PCs are 
allowed to join the LAN by specific hardware address. Once it is enabled, only entered MAC addresses that have 
been set to Allow will be accepted onto the LAN. Alternatively, you can prevent access by cer tain client PCs by 
specifying only those to be denied.
To enable MAC Address Authentication, select MAC Address Authentication, and press Return.
The Authorized MAC Addresses screen appears.
From the MAC Authentication Mode pull-down menu, select the mode you want to implement:
Disabled - turns MAC Authentication off.
                                Authorized MAC Addresses
         MAC Authentication Mode:           Disabled
         Wireless Only:                     Yes
         Display/Change MAC Addresses...
         Add MAC Address...
         Delete MAC Address...
Return/Enter to select <among/between> ...
Add/View/Delete MAC addresses from this and the following Screens.
                                Authorized MAC Addresses
         MAC Authentication Mode:         +--------------------------------+
         Wireless Only:                   +--------------------------------+
                                          | Disabled                       |
                                          | Allow only specified addresses |
         Display/Change MAC Addresses...  | Deny only specified addresses  |
         Add MAC Address...
         Delete MAC Address...