Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-34  Firmware User Guide
Router/Bridge Set
For Netopia DSL Routers, this feature allows you to turn off the routing features and use your device as a 
bridge. It is not an option for Ethernet WAN models.
 Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 fur ther allows you to 
choose to have the Router both bridge and route IP traffic. If you select either option, the device will restar t 
itself, and reset all the settings to factor y defaults. Any configurations you have made will be erased. Use this 
feature with caution. If you decide to change it again, you must reconfigure the device from scratch.
From the Main Menu, select System Configuration.
Select Router/Bridge Set and form the pop-up menu, choose the option you want:
Router – retains the full routing features and corresponding menus.
Bridge – the device becomes a simple bridge, offering no routing features. Corresponding menus are 
Mixed-bridging-routing – allows concurrent bridging and routing and retains corresponding menus for 
routing features.
You will be challenged to confirm your choice.
                              System Configuration
                     IP Setup...
                     Filter Sets...
                     IP Address Serving...
                     Network Address Translation (NAT)...
                     Stateful Inspection...
                     VLAN Configuration...
                     Date and Time...
                     Wireless Configuration...
                     Console Configuration
                     SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)...
                     Security...                    +------------------------+
                     Upgrade Feature Set...         | Router                 |
                                                    | Bridge                 |
                     Router/Bridge Set...           | Mixed-bridging-routing |
                     IGMP (Internet Group Management+------------------------+
            | This change requires a reboot and will result      |
            | in Factory Defaulting the device.                  |
            |                                                    |
            |       CANCEL                        CONTINUE       |
            |                                                    |