Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-37
those por ts which have requested them. This helps to reduce overall network traffic from streaming media 
and other bandwidth-intensive IP multicast applications.
Robustness – a way of indicating how sensitive to lost packets the network is. IGMP can recover from 
robustness minus 1 lost IGMP packet. The default value is 2.
Query Interval(s) – the amount of time in seconds between IGMP General Quer y messages sent by the 
querier router. The default quer y inter val is 125 seconds. 
Query Response Interval (deci-sec) – the maximum amount of time in tenths of a second that the IGMP 
router waits to receive a response to a General Quer y message. The default quer y response inter val is 10 
seconds and must be less than the quer y inter val.
Unsolicited Report Interval(s) – the amount of time in seconds between repetitions of a par ticular 
computer’s initial repor t of membership in a group. The default unsolicited repor t inter val is 10 seconds.
IGMP Querier Version – select a version of the IGMP Querier from the pop-up menu: v1 or v2. If you know 
you will be communicating with other hosts that are limited to v1, for backward compatibility, select v1; 
other wise, allow the default v2.
IGMP Querier version is relevant only if the router is configured for IGMP for warding. If any IGMP v1 
routers are present on the subnet, the querier must use IGMP v1. The use of IGMP v1 must be administratively 
configured, since there is no reliable way of dynamically determining whether IGMP v1 routers are present on a 
network. IGMP for warding is enabled per IP Profile and WAN Connection Profile. 
 for more information.
If you chose IGMP Querier Version v2, select V2 Settings, and press Return.
The IGMP V2 Settings screen appears.
You can configure the following parameters:
                                  IGMP V2 Settings
         Last Member Query Interval(deci-sec):   10
         Last Member Query Count:                2
         Fast Leave:                             Off
Amount of time in deci-seconds that the IGMP router waits to receive a response