Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

3-38  Firmware User Guide
Last Member Query Interval (deci-sec) – the amount of time in tenths of a second that the IGMP router 
waits to receive a response to a Group-Specific Quer y message. The last member quer y inter val is also the 
amount of time in seconds between successive Group-Specific Quer y messages. The default last member 
quer y inter val is 1 second (10 deci-seconds).
Last Member Query Count – the number of Group-Specific Quer y messages sent before the router 
assumes that there are no members of the host group being queried on this inter face. The default last 
member quer y count is 2.
Fast Leave – Toggling this option to On enables a non-standard expedited leave mechanism. The querier 
keeps track of which client is requesting which channel by IP address. When a leave message is received, 
the querier can check its internal table to see if there are any more clients on this group. If there are none, 
it immediately sends an IGMP leave message to the upstream querier. By default, Fast Leave is set to Off. 
Press Escape twice to return to the System Configuration menu.