Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

System Configuration   3-39
You can configure a UNIX-compatible syslog client to repor t a number of subsets of the events entered in the 
Router’s WAN Event Histor y. See 
Select Logging from the System Configuration menu.
The Logging Configuration screen appears.
By default, all events are logged in the event histor y. 
By toggling each event descriptor to either Yes or No, you can determine which ones are logged and which 
are ignored.
You can enable or disable the syslog client dynamically. When enabled, it will repor t any appropriate and 
previously unrepor ted events.
You can specify the syslog ser ver’s address either in dotted decimal format or as a DNS name up to 63 
You can specify the UNIX syslog Facility to use by selecting the Facility pop-up.
The following three fields allow you to log exceptions based on your filter policies:
Filter Violations,
Accepted Packets, and
Access Attempts
 for more information.
                            Logging Configuration
         WAN Event Log Options
         Log Boot and Errors:               Yes
         Log Line Specific:                 Yes
         Log Connections:                   Yes
         Log PPP, DHCP:                     Yes
         Log IP:                            Yes
         Syslog Parameters
         Syslog Enabled:                    No
         Hostname or IP Address:
         Facility...                        Local 0
         Log Filter Violations:             No
         Log Accepted Packets:              No
         Log Access Attempts:               No
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