Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-10  Firmware User Guide
Select First Public Address and enter the first exterior IP address in the range you want to assign. 
Select Last Public Address and enter an IP address at the end of the range.
Select ADD NAT PUBLIC RANGE and press Return. The range will be added to your list and you will be 
returned to the Network Address Translation screen.
Once the public ranges have been assigned, the next step is to bind interior addresses to them. Because these 
bindings occur in ordered lists, called map lists, you must first define the list, then add mappings to it.
From the Network Address Translation screen select Add Map List and press Return.
The Add NAT Map List screen appears.
Select Map List Name and enter a descriptive name for this map list. A new menu item, Add Map, 
Select Add Map and press Return. The Add NAT Map screen appears.
                               Add NAT Map List
         Map List Name:                     my_map
         Add Map...