Konica Minolta DiMAGE X60 blue 5.0 Mp DIMAGEX60BLA User Manual (en)

Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection
Without the hassle of changing modes, this convenient function 
automatically selects the best recording mode for your images.
You can also manually choose an ideal subject
program from Super Macro Mode*
, Portrait,
Sports action, Landscape, Sunset, Night
portrait* and Text mode*.
*1 For outstanding 5 cm (2 inches) close-up photography to 
your subject.
*Activates via manual selection only
5-Point AF / Multi-Segment Metering
Our wide and precise 5-Point AF enables flexible framing, which 
catches the action and composes your shot. Plus, our Multi-
segment (256) metering system automatically measures light over
the entire image area and selects the best exposure for your
subject.Combined, they create clear, balanced and beautiful
Built-in Memory
15MB of built-in flash memory allow you to continue shooting,
even after your memory card is full.
t o   d i g i t a l   p h o t o   e x c e l l e n c e .
T o u c h .   S h o o t .   R e v i e w . W e l c o m e   t o   d i g i t a l   p h o t o   e x c e l l e n c e .
S p e e d y
S h a r p   &   C l e a r
S i m p l e   &   E a s y
F u l l   F u n c t i o n s
World's Fastest*
0.5-Second Startup*
The X60 offers an amazingly fast and fluid startup. Just slide the 
lens cover fully open, and it’s ready to go in approximately 0.5
seconds.  What’s more, coupled with its approximate 0.08 
shutter-release time lag*
, you won’t be late on your photo
*1 Among digital cameras in the 3X optical zoom class, as of April 1, 2005.
*2 The time from when the X60 is turned on, to when the indicators are shown on the LCD  monitor.
*3 The time from when the focus is locked on the subject with the shutter-release button pressed
partway down, to when the exposure starts.
5.0 megapixels / CxProcess
5.0 megapixels create detailed, high-resolution images, while 
exclusive CxProcess III imaging technology produces
uncommonly natural and lifelike shots. In addition, photos turn out
beautifully when printed to A3 size on your ordinal home printer
(150dpi). Combined, Konica Minolta’s unique noise-reduction
system enables truly unforgettable shots, even using a slow
shutter speed (up to 4 seconds) and in dim light.
XR Movie & Editing
XR (Extended Recording) Movie gives you the power to record 
movie clips with sound for the entire length of the memory card*.
Night Movie mode allows you to record clearer movies in dim
light. Super smooth movies at 30-frames per second** can be
recorded. Movie Frame Capture saves individual frames taken
from a movie with an option for 15 seconds of audio, while Edit-
Movie function eliminates unwanted sections from a movie clip.
*  On rare occasions, a memory card may not record to full capacity due to its writing speed.
** The use of the SD Memory Card with the data transfer speed at 10Mbps or faster is 
recommended when recording movies at 30 fps.
Image Pasting
It's easy to personalize your pictures with the Image Pasting
feature. On any chosen photo, just overlay parts of an image in
one of the nine frames.
Connect the X60 directly to any PictBridge compatible 
printer using a USB cable for easy, on-the-spot digital
printing without a PC.
•Connect the X60 to your computer for fast data transfers using
the supplied USB interface.
•By connecting the supplied AV cable to a TV, the X60 enables
you to easily share and enjoy camera images on a larger scale.
Audio Recording allows you to record audio for up to 180 minutes*.
*When using a 128MB or larger memory card.
Marine Case 
(Optional for DiMAGE X60 only)
Waterproof up to approx. 40 meters 
(131.2 feet), as well as dustproof. It goes
where your active life takes you.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 122.5 x 83.5 x 52.5 mm / 4.8 x 3.3 x 2.1
inches (excluding the protuberant parts)
Portrait mode
Sports Action mode
Landscape mode
Sunset mode
Night Portrait mode
Text mode
Super Macro mode