Canon A3400 IS 6186B011 User Manual (en)

Adjusting Basic Camera Functions
Perform low-level formatting in these cases: [Memory card error] is displayed, 
the camera is not working correctly, card image reading/writing is slower, 
continuous shooting is slower, or movie recording suddenly stops. Low-level 
formatting erases all data on a memory card. Before low-level formatting, 
copy images on the memory card to a computer, or take other steps to back 
them up.
Perform low-level formatting.
On the screen in step 2 on p. 132, press the 
op buttons to choose [Low Level Format], 
and then select this option (mark with a 
by pressing the 
qr buttons.
Press the 
opqr buttons to choose [OK], 
press the 
m button, and then follow step 3 
on p. 132 to format (low-level format) the 
memory card.
Low-Level Formatting
Low-level formatting takes longer than “Formatting Memory Cards” (p. 132), 
because data is erased from all storage regions of the memory card.
You can cancel low-level formatting in progress by choosing [Stop]. In this case, 
all data will be erased, but the memory card can be used normally.