Canon A3400 IS 6186B011 User Manual (en)

Adjusting Basic Camera Functions
Your shots are automatically numbered in sequential order (0001 – 9999) and 
saved in folders that store up to 2,000 images each. You can change how the 
camera assigns file numbers.
Choose [File Numbering], and then choose 
an option.
Instead of saving images in folders created each month, you can have the 
camera create folders each day you shoot to store shots taken that day.
Choose [Create Folder], and then choose 
Images will now be saved in folders created 
on the shooting date.
File Numbering
Images are numbered 
consecutively (until the 9999th shot 
is taken/saved) even if you switch 
memory cards.
Auto Reset
Image numbering is reset to 0001 if 
you switch memory cards, or when 
a new folder is created.
Regardless of the option selected in this setting, shots may be numbered 
consecutively after the last number of existing images on newly inserted 
memory cards. To start saving shots from 0001, use an empty (or formatted 
(p. 132)) memory card.
Refer to the ImageBrowser EX User Guide for information on the card folder 
structure and image formats.
Date-Based Image Storage