Canon A3400 IS 6186B011 User Manual (en)

Display on a TV
Camera images look distorted or not displayed on a TV (p. 144).
Cannot shoot.
In Playback mode (p. 27), press the shutter button halfway (p. 47).
Nothing is displayed (p. 55).
Strange display on the screen under low light (p. 49).
Strange display on the screen when shooting.
Note that the following display problems are not recorded in still images but are recorded 
in movies.
The screen may darken under bright light.
The screen may flicker under fluorescent or LED lighting.
Purplish banding may appear on the screen if you compose a shot that includes a bright 
light source.
h flashes on the screen when the shutter button is pressed, and shooting is 
not possible (p. 56).
The screen is deactivated when the shutter button is pressed, and shooting 
is not possible (p. 56)
 is displayed when the shutter button is pressed halfway (p. 66).
Set the flash mode to 
Set [IS mode] to [Continuous] (p. 110).
Mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to keep it still. In this case, set [IS 
Mode] to [Off] (p. 110).
Shots are out of focus.
Press the shutter button halfway to focus on subjects before pressing it all the way down 
to shoot (p. 47).
Make sure subjects are within focusing range (see “Specifications” (p. 38)).
Set [Lamp Setting] to [On] (p. 72).
Confirm that unneeded functions such as macro are deactivated.
Try shooting with focus lock or AF lock (pp. 101, 105).
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A4000 IS A3400 IS A2400 IS