Canon A3400 IS 6186B011 User Manual (en)

Shooting Movies
The elapsed time shown is incorrect, or recording is interrupted.
Use the camera to format the memory card, or switch to a card that supports high-speed 
recording. Note that even if the elapsed time display is incorrect, the length of movies 
on the memory card corresponds to the actual recording time (p. 132).
 is displayed and shooting stops automatically.
The camera’s internal memory buffer filled up as the camera could not record to the 
memory card quickly enough. Try one of the following measures.
Use the camera to perform low-level formatting of the memory card (p. 133).
Lower the image quality (p. 70).
Switch to a memory card that supports high-speed recording (see “Specifications” 
(p. 38)).
Playback is not possible.
Image or movie playback may not be possible if a computer is used to rename files or 
alter the folder structure. Refer to the ImageBrowser EX User Guide for details on folder 
structure and file names.
Playback stops, or audio skips.
Switch to a memory card that you have performed low-level formatting on with the 
camera (p. 133).
There may be brief interruptions when playing movies copied to memory cards that 
have slow read speeds.
When movies are played on a computer, frames may be dropped and audio may skip 
if computer performance is inadequate.
Memory Card
The memory card is not recognized.
Restart the camera, with the memory card in it (p. 20).
Cannot transfer images to a computer.
When attempting to transfer images to the computer via a cable, try reducing the transfer 
speed as follows.
Press the 
1 button to enter Playback mode. Hold the n button down as you press 
o and m buttons at the same time. On the next screen, press the qr buttons to 
choose [B], and then press the 
m button.