Canon A810 6179B001 User Manual (en)

Wi-Fi enabled cameras IXUS 510 HS 
and IXUS 240 HS can easily 
connect with home wireless 
networks, computers, smartphones 
and tablet PCs so you can share 
images on the spot. 
Once connected you can use them 
to upload images online and 
instantly share the fun with friends 
and family via Email, Facebook, 
Twitter or YouTube™.
The Canon CameraWindow app  
lets you connect your Wi-Fi enabled 
camera to your smartphone or  
tablet PC. An easy interface allows 
you to browse, playback and share 
online the images stored in your 
camera using the touchscreen of 
your smartphone or tablet PC.
View and share from  
your Smartphone
Sharing the precious moments of your life with family and friends is a huge part of  
the pleasure of digital photography and Canon offers a range of options with that in 
mind. Some cameras have built-in Wi-Fi
 for instant connection to social networks,  
while others offer a variety of alternatives for uploading and sharing your photos  
and movies on the internet. 
Connect and Share
* Wi-Fi support varies by device and region. For more information visit