Fujifilm FinePix S2950 16123529 Leaflet (en)

N o t   s u r e   w h e t h e r   y o u   n e e d   t h e   f l a s h ?   N a t u r a l   L i g h t   &  
w i t h   F l a s h   t a k e s   t w o   p h o t o s   i n   q u i c k   s u c c e s s i o n ,   o n e  
w i t h   f l a s h   a n d   o n e   w i t h o u t ,   e l i m i n a t i n g   t h e   g u e s s w o r k   o f  
f l a s h   p h o t o g r a p h y.
Natural Light & with Flash
Instant Zoom
Zoom Bracketing
A selectable frame on the LCD screen lets you bracket 
and track moving subjects in standard wide view.
Take three shots at varying degrees of magnification 
(original, 1.4x, 2.0x) with a single press of the shutter 
Natural Light (flash off)
With Flash
Take impressive panorama photos as simply 
a s   “ 1 ” ,   “ 2 ” ,   “ 3 ” !   T h e   F i n e P i x   S 2 9 5 0  
a u t o m a t i c a l l y   s t i t c h e s   t o g e t h e r   t h r e e  
c o n s e c u t i v e   s h o t s ,   w i t h   s i m p l e   i n - f r a m e  
guidance to ensure the images are aligned. 
Motion Panorama Mode
The FinePix S2950 automatically recognizes six of the most commonly 
photographed scenes and optimizes camera settings for  beautiful 
results every time. And red-eye removal eliminates unsightly red-eye 
reflections to ensure flattering flash portraits and party pictures.
Night Portrait
Backlit Portrait
 SR AUTO           with Automatic Red-Eye Removal
Dual Image Stabilization 
N o   m o r e   b l u r r e d   a n d   d i s a p p o i n t i n g   p h o t o s !   C o m b i n i n g   C C D - s h i f t  
image stabilization with high sensitivity, the FinePix S2950 greatly 
reduces the effects of camera shake and subject blur to deliver crisp, 
clear shots across the entire zoom range.
Conventional digital camera
FinePix S2950
Smile & Shoot Mode
Blink Detection
In this mode, the FinePix S2950 warns you when people in the 
frame blink, giving you the option to retake the photo, or enlarge 
the face so you can save or delete before you take the next shot.
In “Smile & Shoot” mode, the FinePix S2950 automatically 
triggers the shutter button and takes a photo when a smile 
is detected, giving you portraits to smile about.
Tracking AF
Great for capturing dynamic close-ups, this function 
keeps fast moving subjects in the frame and in 
focus, even when the zoom is fully extended.
28mm Wide Angle
5x Optical Zoom
18x Optical Zoom
Equipped with a versatile 18x zoom, the FinePix S2950 lets you zoom 
right in to capture your subject with picture-perfect results.
The FinePix S2950 captures ultra high-resolution photos 
and videos, great for enlarged prints or big-screen display.
A bright 3-inch LCD screen makes composing and viewing images a 
pleasure. And to accommodate more traditional shooting styles, the 
FinePix S2950 is also equipped with a crisp, clear electronic viewfinder.
 -inch LCD & EVF
 Zoom Lens