Canon EOS 550D + EF-S 18-55 IS II CB 4463B102 User Manual (en)

Some things can’t be communicated in still 
images alone. Whether you’re witnessing 
a child’s first steps, a winning goal or the 
movement of sunlight on water, the EOS 
550D gives you the power to capture the 
story as you remember it: with pin-sharp, 
Full High Definition movies at 1080p. 
For top-quality stereo sound, attach 
a microphone to the 3.5mm external 
microphone socket.
Stunning HD movies
You shoot your still images with a DSLR because you love having creative control. Why 
should movies be different? With the EOS 550D, you can fine-tune footage to perfection 
using full manual control over all key settings. If the action speeds up, you won’t get left 
behind; simply switch to 720p and you can capture high-speed 50/60fps movies, ideal 
for sports or filming from a moving vehicle. And for long-range action, a new Movie Crop 
function uses the centre of the sensor to let you shoot VGA movies at an effective 7x zoom. 
It’s ideal for moments when you haven’t got time to change to a longer lens.
Become the director
Ready to play
Can’t wait to re-live your story on a larger 
screen? The EOS 550D includes an HDMI 
connection. Simply connect to any HDTV* and 
see your footage immediately, in beautiful High 
Definition. With compatible HDTVs you can 
even control playback using your TV’s remote 
* Requires additional HDMI cable (not included)
Tv (Shutter Speed): 15 
Av (Aperture Value): 13.0 
ISO Speed: 200 
Lens: EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM