Canon 5D Mark III 5260B025 User Manual (en)

Connectivity and  
camera control
*  WiFi and Ethernet connectivity require optional WFT-E7.
As well as storing images on to either 
Compact flash or Secure Digital memory 
cards, the EOS 5D Mark III can write files 
directly to a PC or Mac using a number of 
connection types. Such tethered-shooting 
techniques allow images to be inspected on 
a large colour-calibrated computer screen 
as they are being shot, so you (and your 
clients) can see exactly what is happening  
at every stage of the shoot. 
EOS Utility for direct camera control
The EOS 5D Mark III can be connected for 
shooting using either USB 2.0, Ethernet  
or WiFi technology.* The supplied EOS  
Utility application not only shows pictures 
on-screen as they are captured, but also 
allows control of the camera’s major 
functions, including remote triggering. 
It’s even possible to compose images 
on your computer’s screen using remote 
live view. Positioning and firing your EOS 
remotely open up new creative opportunities 
and new viewpoints that are inaccessible 
when shooting normally.
GP-E2 hotshoe-mounted
Extend the functionality of the EOS 5D Mark III and 
discover new creative avenues, with multiple options 
for tethered shooting and remote camera control.
Connectivity and
camera control