Canon 5D Mark III 5260B025 User Manual (en)

Cross-type focusing at f/2.8 
Vertical-line focusing at f/4 
Vertical-line focusing at f/5.6 
Horizontal-line focusing at f/5.6 
Redefining video production
The legacy of the EOS 5D Mark II continues, 
building on HD-video performance that 
revolutionised an industry. Take complete 
control with manual adjustment of audio 
and video and use wide-aperture lenses 
bringing your creative vision to life.
Performance you can rely on 
With a 61-point autofocus system that feels 
like an extension of your eye, continuous 
shooting at up to 6 fps and built-in HDR 
functions, the EOS 5D Mark III delivers 
superb images no matter what the 
conditions throw at you. 
Brochure photography: Brent Stirton of Getty Images. 
Canon Ambassador with the EOS 5D Mark III