Canon 70D + 18-135mm IS 8469B042 User Manual (en)

Advanced flash photography, made easy
Speedlite Flashes
Canon Speedlite flashes let you take complete 
control over lighting. Shoot confidently in 
low-light conditions, use fill-in flash to reduce 
shadows in bright sunlight, and mix flash 
with ambient light for photography that 
looks natural and atmospheric. Or why not 
try taking your Speedlite flash off camera, 
lighting your subject from a different angle  
for a dramatic result.
Whatever your approach, E-TTL II flash 
exposure metering makes accurate 
exposures simple. A series of pre-flashes 
before the main exposure determines the 
correct level of flash power for the scene.
Off-camera flash
Position compatible Speedlite flashes 
away from your EOS 70D and trigger them 
wirelessly with the camera’s Integrated 
Speedlite Transmitter. Off-camera flashes can 
be controlled individually or in groups of two 
or three. The flash output of each one can be 
adjusted individually, making accurate control 
of lighting ratios quick and simple. 
Off-camera flash is particularly useful for 
shooting portraiture, when the dramatic 
shadows created by side lighting can add 
drama and depth to a photograph.
Digital Photo Professional  
and EOS Solution software
Like all EOS cameras, the EOS 70D is 
accompanied by a suite of software that 
further enhances its functionality. Digital Photo 
Professional (DPP) allows photographers to 
browse, edit and process JPEG and RAW files 
using an intuitive, fully featured interface. 
Colour, white balance, brightness, contrast and 
sharpness can all be adjusted, along with a host 
of other editing functions, such as cropping 
and resizing. Also included is EOS Utility, which 
provides remote camera control and tethered 
shooting capabilities. The Picture Style Editor 
application allows photographers to customise 
the EOS 70D’s built-in Picture Styles.
Photographic printing
Canon PIXMA inkjet printers allow 
photographers to make stunning prints from 
the convenience of their own home – perfect 
for portfolio printing and fine-art projects.
Canon SELPHY dye-sublimation printers offer 
swift, affordable printing of photographs 
at smaller sizes. Their compact size makes 
them ideal for use around the home. Some 
SELPHY models also feature Wi-Fi for 
wireless printing.
Canon provides 
photographers with 
a solution for every 
step of their digital 
workflow, from 
capture through 
processing to output. 
Speedlite 430 EX II
Speedlite 320 EX
Software and workflow
All brochure photography taken by  
Brutus Östling with the help of Lee Gladman 
Flash setup
Resulting image