Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

Configuring the Camera
This camera is equipped with a power saving function, which can 
automatically turn off the power or LCD monitor.
Power Saving Function
Auto Power Down When set to [On], the power will shut off in the following 
circumstances. Press the power button again to restore 
Shooting mode: Approximately 3 minutes after the last 
control is accessed on the camera
Playback mode or when connected to a printer: 
Approximately 5 minutes after the last control is 
accessed on the camera.
Display Off
In shooting mode, the LCD monitor automatically turns 
off after the selected time if no control is accessed, 
regardless of the [Auto Power Down] setting. Press any 
button other than the power button or change the 
camera orientation to turn the LCD monitor back on.
Select [Power Saving].
1. Press the 
2. Use the 
 button to select the 
3. Use the 
 button to select 
[Power Saving].
4. Press the