Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

File and Folder Numbers
Recorded images are assigned consecutive file numbers starting with 
0001 and ranging up to 9999, while folders are assigned numbers 
starting with 100 and ranging up to 999. Up to 2000 images can be 
saved into a single folder.
• Images may be saved to a new folder when there is insufficient free space even if the 
total number of images in a folder is less than 2000 because the following types of 
images are always saved together into the same folder.
• Images from continuous shooting  • Self-timer images (custom)
• Images cannot be played back when the folder numbers are duplicated or image 
numbers are duplicated within folders.
• Please refer to the Software Starter Guide for information regarding folder structures 
or image types.
New Folder Created Memory Card Exchanged for Another
Memory Card 1
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Auto Reset
Memory Card 1
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