Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

Shooting movies 
The recording time may not display properly or 
shooting may stop unexpectedly.
The following types of 
memory cards are used.
- Slow recording cards.
- Cards formatted on a 
different camera or a 
- Cards which have had 
images recorded and 
erased repeatedly.
Although the recording time may not 
display properly during shooting, the 
movie will be recorded correctly on 
the memory card. Recording time will 
display properly if you format the 
memory card in this camera 
(excluding slow recording memory 
cards) (p. 134).
“!” displayed on the LCD monitor in red and 
shooting automatically stopped.
There is insufficient free 
space in the camera’s 
built-in memory.
Try the following procedures.
- Format the card with a low level 
format before filming (p. 134).
- Lower the recording pixels or frame 
rate (p. 74).
- Use a high-speed memory card 
(SDC-512MSH, etc.).
Zoom does not operate.
Zoom lever was pressed 
while shooting in movie 
Operate the zoom before shooting in 
movie mode (p. 55). Note the digital 
zoom is available while shooting (only 
in Standard movie mode).