Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

Incompatible WAVE
A sound memo cannot be added to this image since the data type of 
the existing sound memo is incorrect. In addition, sound cannot be 
played back.
Cannot modify image
You attempted to resize or perform red eye correction on a movie or 
an image recorded with another camera. Or you attempted to resize 
an image already resized to 
 or an image shot in 
Cannot assign to category
You attempted to categorize an image recorded in a different 
Cannot Modify
Cannot apply red-eye correction as no red-eye is detected.
Cannot transfer!
When transferring images to your computer using the Direct 
Transfer menu, you attempted to select a RAW image, an image 
with corrupted data, an image taken with a different camera or data 
type. You may have also attempted to select a movie when 
[Wallpaper] was selected in the Direct Transfer menu.
You attempted to erase or edit a protected image, movie or sound 
Too many marks
Too many images have been marked with print settings or transfer 
settings. Cannot process any more.
Cannot complete!
Could not save a part of the print or transfer settings.
Unselectable image
You attempted to set the print settings for a non-JPEG image.