Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

The CB-5AH/CB-5AHE battery charger can only be used to 
charge Canon AA-size NiMH batteries NB-3AH.
Do not mix batteries with different purchase dates or 
different charge states. When recharging batteries, always 
recharge both of them at the same time.
Do not attempt to recharge fully charged batteries, as doing 
so may reduce or impair battery performance. Also, do not 
charge batteries for more than 24 consecutive hours.
Do not recharge batteries in enclosed areas that tend to 
retain heat.
Do not recharge the batteries until the LCD monitor displays 
the “Change the batteries” message. Repeatedly recharging 
batteries before they become depleted may cause batteries 
to lose capacity.
Wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth in the 
following situations, as the terminals may be soiled with oil 
from one’s skin or other dirt:
- If the battery usage time has considerably diminished
- If the number of recordable images has considerably 
- When charging the batteries (insert and remove the 
batteries two or three times before charging)
- When charging completes in a space of a few minutes (the 
battery charger indicator remains lit)
You may not be able to fully charge the batteries due to their 
specifications right after purchase or after long periods of 
nonuse. If this happens, after fully charging them, use the 
batteries until their charge is depleted. After doing this 
several times, battery performance will be restored.